The 10 Anchors of Union Church are theological convictions and philosophies of ministry that we are tethered to in order to remain faithful to our original mission (to train holistic disciples who follow Jesus in advancing His restorative Kingdom) and vision (to see a gospel-saturated community formed out of Auburn and Opelika that advances the mission of Jesus). These Anchors inform everything from our partnerships and budget to our church government and Sunday liturgy. The first Anchor acts as an overarching philosophy of ministry with the remaining nine more specifically teasing out our Theology (beliefs about God: 2,3,4), Ecclesiology (church structure, government and practices: 5,6,7), and Missiology (contextually specific disciple making: 8, 9, 10). We believe that a strong commitment to these Anchors will create a culture that will bring God glory and us joy.

We are committed to:

  1. Holistic discipleship.
  2. The Bible as our highest authority.
  3. Emphasizing Union with Christ as the fullest description of the gospel.
  4. Gospel-centered equipping of the saints.
  5. Organizing and operating as a local family.
  6. Covenant membership.
  7. The racial reconciliation of the family.
  8. Regular corporate praying.
  9. Strategic college ministry and church planting.
  10. A missional community (house church) model and rhythms.