After graduating from Texas Tech University (Chris) and Auburn University (Cara Jane), we met while attending seminary at Baylor University. We married in 2011 and, with a desire to see churches planted in college towns, we moved to Norman, Oklahoma to join the team planting Providence Road Church, just down the street from the University of Oklahoma. For five years we shared our lives with this church, particularly the college students. In 2015, we welcomed our firstborn, Bo, to the family, and in March of 2017, our baby girl, Ellie Jane, arrived. In May of 2017, we were the first church planters sent out from Providence Road Church with the goal of planting in another college town, Auburn, Alabama.

Before landing in Auburn, we spent a year at Summit Crossing Community Church in Huntsville, Alabama receiving specific coaching for church planting and developing relationships in Auburn and across Alabama. 

Union Church is the result of a calling to plant a multiethnic church in a college town in the South. After walking toward this vision for many years, we are excited to finally be here and eager to watch the Lord work. 

Chris spent some time with the pastors of Alamo Ranch Community Church (one of our Acts 29 partner churches) and recorded a podcast, detailing our journey to planting Union Church in Auburn.