Anchor # 6 - Covenant Membership

The 10 Anchors of Union Church are theological convictions and philosophies of ministry that we are tied to in order to remain faithful to our core values of Gospel, Community and Mission. These Anchors inform everything from our partnerships and budget to our church government and Sunday liturgy. We believe that a strong commitment to these Anchors will create a culture that will bring God glory and us joy.

Anchor # 6  - Covenant Membership

We are committed to covenant membership as a logistical method of organizing as a family. While we are spiritually connected to the universal Church, there must be particular distinctions made at the local level around theological interpretations, pastoral oversight, discipleship metrics and social expectations in order to fulfill the responsibilities of the local body of Christ. For both leaders (who must one day give an account for those they shepherd) and members (who have a responsibility to care for one another), covenant membership provides clear expectations concerning theological unity, pastoral involvement, financial giving and missional responsibilities.

Covenant membership at Union Church is simply the relational framework where holistic discipleship takes place. It is a commitment to be discipled and make disciples inside the environments, structures, and rhythms of this local body so that the church can be held accountable to externally live out what is internally believed.